#WednesdayWisdom #changesinlife

Hippie Lady Ideas

Today I’m making changes.

  1. No more game apps on my phone. This shouldn’t be too hard, but it is!  I don’t have a 9-5 job. I’m alone 75% of the time. No one is watching me. I just watched a program about adult adhd and the link between screen time and the disorder. I’m now a believer that I MUST cut down on my screen time. All those Candy Crush games (I had 3 installed 😳) were eating up more time in my day/night than I’m willing to admit here.
  2. I’m cutting out as much processed sugars as I can. This will be a slow and painful process that I’m scared to undertake. My biggest fear is failure due to not having the will to adequately research what I cannot eat or drink. As of this writing I am only an hour into it and have it in my mind…

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