Fearless or Fearful

When I was a kid in the 1970’s my family would drive across the country in the family car. We travelled from the center of the US to the west coast in an early 1970’s Buick Skylark. When we stopped for the night I was already asleep in the back seat. I would wake up to see my parents sleeping on the ground next the the car laying on sleeping bags that had been in the very large truck of the Buick.

I remember waking up and thinking “why would they do that? Someone could have gotten them or us kids when we were sleeping!”. That feeling of fear would go away in a few seconds. Overcome with hunger and the realization that it was morning and obviously nothing had happened to us my feeling that mom and dad had lost their minds would fade

At least nothing happened last night so… what’s for breakfast?

Back then I was scared and the adults were fearless and or dumb.

Now I’m the adult and I’m still afraid but there is no one I feel like is smarter than me to tell me I shouldn’t be afraid.

Why are some of us fearless? How can a person become fearless? Should a scared person attempt to be fearless?

I don’t want to be a Sheldon Cooper, the Big Bang Theory character who is afraid of everything  I also don’t want to be a fearless Nilly Willy who ends up dead  because I was fearless/careless.

Does fearlessness = carelessness?

I think so and that’s the problem. Or is it?

Hippie Lady Ideas copyright 2018


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