Being Yourself Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds

“Just be yourself”

Easy. Right? Not so much when you have been acting like everyone tells you to. Not easy to be yourself when you’ve spent all your days being a people pleaser.

What happens when you wake up one day and decide you want to just be yourself and no one likes how you are “acting”?

What if being yourself means all your family, friends and coworkers are shocked and hurt at what they see?

Maybe being yourself means moving across the country and changing careers or quitting your long time job?   Maybe being yourself means you no longer have time to be there for people you love and they get angry and hurt at your actions because “you are being selfish”?

What if everyone you know thinks you’ve lost your mind because you quit your high paying job to stay home and start a not for profit organization?

What if being yourself means sell that 2400 sq ft house and live in a 500 sq ft house because you are tired of consumerism and your family loses their minds?

Being yourself isn’t always easy and everyone isn’t going to be happy with you.

Do it anyway.  Do no harm but remember that hurting someone’s  feelings isn’t the worst thing in the world compared to hurting yourself just to please someone else.

Reincarnate yourself now and live the life you were meant to live for yourself.

(exception is: under age children who need you. They always come first)

Hippie Lady Ideas © 2018





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