Learn Something New

I occasionally crochet.  It is really easy to learn.  If you try it then you need to buy a multi-pack of crochet hooks with a very large, a very small hook and everything in between.  Sometimes only one of those hooks you will like, so try them all.  Watch videos and pause a lot and you should have no problem learning how to crochet.  My grandfather taught my mom how to crochet, she taught me and I taught my daughter.

I’m going to make something this week.  I’m going to teach myself how to crochet something I’ve never made.  My daughter in law sent me the idea of a large crochet hamper/basket.  I think I will try it.  Crochet Hamper ~ Google Images

I am also going to try and learn how to add beads to crochet.  This link is good for right and left handed crochet. How to Add Beads with a Crochet Hook

Someday I’m going to attempt to make pretty crochet “sandals”.  I’ll make them in the old folks home and me and my friends will wear them like a bunch of old free spirit hippie ladies.  It’s going to be great.

Photo and crochet item shown by Barmine on Etsy.  I’ve never purchased from this seller I just happened on it while looking for patterns.  Links to this seller are not an endorsement, I am merely giving creative license credit.  If you own this site and want me to remove it please notify me via email hippieladyideas@gmail.com

Have a great day!

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