Eat What God Gave You

Unless you have an allergy, I am a firm believer that eating what the earth gave us is what’s best for our bodies.  For the most part all I consume is fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, beans and grilled, steamed, boiled or oven roasted meats, fish and shellfish.  As far as liquids, I believe water, vitamin and nutrient infused teas, fruit, vegetable and meat broths  are all we should be consuming.  I try very hard to be careful when purchasing any of these products that they are grown as naturally as possible.

I believe we are no different than animals and if we would pay attention to our bodies we would know what we need. The problem is, some homosapians have the issue of greed and the need to fool others for the sake of monetary gain, into doing or eating things that are not good for them. Processed and fast foods are a huge part of the problem.  Digestive health issues are the third leading cause of death in industrialized nations with a culture of so called fast and easy food.

What is easier than cutting up vegetables and your favorite fresh meat and making a homemade dinner?  It takes not much more time than opening a box of processed food.  It will be healthier and you will have great leftovers for days.  Don’t think you have time to do it?  I promise you it doesn’t take more than fifteen extra minutes on most homemade dinners than it takes sitting in a drive through.  The kids can help or at least sit at the table while you show them love by cooking while they tell you about their day.

Food and cooking brings people together.  It may be hard at first but if the family makes an hour a night to prepare a dinner it is a feeling of pride and success when the task is done.

We all know in our hearts and minds what we should be eating. We were all taught the food groups and how to apply that in meal planning. We learn this in elementary education. The food pyramid is in every school posted somewhere.

Why do most of us ignore this very first nutritional advice after we are grown?
Thoughts? Please share your thoughts on this in the comments section of this post

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