Going through changes

Fifty came and went a year ago. a year and three months ago. Aging is settling in now. Hot flashes are gone. For the most part. I started letting my hair go gray naturally and it is finally past the point of looking like it needs a trip to the beauty shop. It is beautiful shades of a natural color I had not seen since child hood mixed with shades of darker browns black. Colors that I never knew I had because I had been adding unnatural dyes to it as long as I could remember. I recall last year when my natural hair color was about four inches grown out and I felt sad that I had denied myself the privilege to see what nature had for me because I had spent my life covering up.

Regrets? Not many.

Everything that has come my way has taught me something. Hard lessons? Yes.

I hope I live to be 100.


Some days, not so much.

It is getting so much easier now though.

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