Clowning around again

I bought a few more clown costume things and had some fun at a childcare center. I read a book about the circus to each classroom and I made some balloon flowers for the older children. Being a clown makes my heart sing. When I’m done playing clown for an audience I always feel like I have to go find somewhere else to share my happiness. But I just go home and sadly take off the makeup and the fun clothes and shoes. Is it ridiculous that I want to be a clown full time?! Yes it is. If I could I’d make everyone a fun happy clown at least for a day. Not one of those freaky scary kind of clowns. I think we can agree most people hate them. If you don’t, I think you need a head examination. 😂


Have a great day and clown around a bit. Have fun!

Hippie Lady 💜☮

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