#Tattoos #Aging and other things…

The next tattoo I think I want.  I’m doing it. Soon.

 I wonder if the grand kids will be thinking Nana has lost her mind.

First purple and blue hair. Hey why wait until I’m 80 to do it?  Next a tattoo on my shoulder. Shall I dare say it? The beginning of a “sleeve”. GASP.  😯

 I hope I will look more like this…

 Aging is scary.  I cannot and will not deny my fear mixed with joy of the process. I’m not afraid of dying. I’m not afraid of my looks fading or the wrinkles.  I guess the scary part is losing people, losing time.  Missing out on all the things that will happen after I’m gone.  Like, I’ll never know what my grandchildren will look like old.

The joy in aging is learning new things…  Meeting new people. Relationships and friendships are more meaningful now. Not caring what people think and not having a “beauty standard” to uphold and just doing what I want and being whomever and whatever I want. People just think I’m getting old and crazy.  I don’t care.  It’s fun.

If you Google aging there is a lot to read. It’s a huge industry. It’s overwhelming.

I’m not going to read any of that.

I’m going to go research great tattoo artists in my area and start saving for that sleeve. I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll wait. I’ve got lots of time, after all I’m not even 50 yet. Shocking the kids and grandkids with a sleeve when I’m 70 might be more fun.



Hippie Lady ☮✌🏼️💙


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