Hippie Lady Ideas

#Black & #Purple #Haircolors


I’m getting my hair done, right exactly now.  I walked in like this…

I’m hoping I turn out something like this.     

Waiting under the dryer…. 

Live, love, and enjoy the colors of life!

Hippie Lady 💜☮

Shout out to Bre Ott for the color, cut and the photo of final outcome. 

Author: ☮️Ima Human

I feel comfortable leaving no trace or mark on the world larger than is humanly necessary.

7 thoughts on “#Black & #Purple #Haircolors

  1. Lovely hair. I now know why my hairdresser wanted me to go with a blue or purple tint. Nice. xo

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  2. Looks great! I recently had mine done vibrant purple with lavender and hot pink underneath… I’m in love with it! 💜💖


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