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I hate Doctor visits. I know we need them, I know they are important and I would never and I am not advocating anyone to not seek medical attention. I just want to be clear on that. Also before I go on I want to also be clear the what I’m about to write about is only a description of my personal experience and I am not giving any medical advise in any way, shape, form or fashion. Always consult a doctor before trying any type of self healing or diagnosing.  

With all that being said, here I go…

Let’s talk garlic.  I have been having trouble with my gums. I wear a partial and my gums occasionally get sore spots on them. I knew that raw, fresh garlic is known to be a powerful antibiotic especially for the head area. I had never used it for medicinal purposes but I already knew I was not allergic to it having been using it for decades to cook. Although I knew I was not allergic, since I had never ingested raw garlic in quantity over time I went ahead and tested my tolerance. I took one clove of fresh garlic (it had the green strip in the middle) and I peeled it and cut it into pill like shapes by slicing it. I swallowed it piece by piece with water. This first time only eating a half a clove and then waiting a couple hours to see if it would bother my stomach or cause any other problem. After not having any reactions I swallowed three cloves over a couple hours time the first day and repeated this the second day. I noticed a huge difference and my gums were starting to heal very well. I only ingested one clove a day for the next three days and my ear ache I had and my lymph node that was slightly swollen was also remarkedly better.  Needless to say I’m a firm believer now in the healing properties of garlic! Here are some great links to learn more. 

Common mistakes when using garlic as antibiotic
How to use garlic as a natural antibiotic
WebMD Garlic uses
Peace to u all on this glorious Wednesday!


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