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I don’t know about you guys but my home is in shambles. The house was built in 1991. It’s not a very old home. It’s actually the newest home I’ve ever had.  But after living here for six years, things are falling apart. First off there is this:

That is a little area above the fan that is above my dining room table. In this area on the ceiling there is a mirror inset in this wooden octogon.  I know!!! Who puts a mirror above a dining room table?  What kind of kinky stuff was going on in the head of the builder? I don’t know and don’t want to. But that mirror is cracked due to earthquakes or the house settling.  Whatever the reason, I’m glad because otherwise I’d never get my husband to agree to replace it.  He hates with a passion doing any home repair.  It’s simple. We. Should. Not. Be. Home. Owners. But we are. 

Next, I have a old bathtub that has decided it’s “giving up the ghost” along with the sinks in the same bathroom. They are made of some synthetic marble that was popular in the 1990’s but the lucky homeowners that got this great new product are finding out years later it doesn’t stand the test of time.  

Another problem is that my kitchen counters are ugly. They are ugly green and they are cracked. My hubs decided to make pancakes on a griddle and set the hot griddle on the counter. Apparently these counters are also made of crap materials because the hot griddle made the counter top crack. When the crack occurred it sounded like some one was standing behind us and shot us with a shotgun. I actually ducked and screamed. These problems among others have been happening ever since we moved in. 

Yesterday I had yet another nervous breakdown when I looked under the kitchen sink and realized the garbage disposal was leaking an ocean!!  Hippie ladies should not be this stressed. This is not okay anymore. What could I do to fix this money pit house with a husband who doesn’t seem to give a rats ass?  I called our mortgage holder and cried. Yes. I did. I asked for a refinance and a couple ten grand.  It may actually happen. My house may get the cash infusion to get things fixed. But now, who do I call to fix it all and how do I make sure they’re not a con man?  I already have been conned out of a few thousand by a jerk saying he would fix my bathroom.  I’m scared and excited. I need ideas. I’m libra and I can’t make a decision to save my life. I do know one thing. Once this house gets all pretty, we are selling and getting a rental with a maintenance person. 

In the meantime while I wait for the money to come (I hope) here are some good places to get decorating ideas if I decide not to sell.

 Boho bathroom styles

49 Boho kitchen designs

Let’s just dream about hippie houses
Peace to u on the lovely Friday ✌🏼️❤️🌹

Hippy Lady

Ps:  This is serious. I want this bathroom:  

This is what I’ve been living with for a year since the contractor ran off with my money and my sanity. 


  1. Ugh, I know this story too well…things falling apart, a hubs who does not like home maintenance (I even had to hire a lawn service to mow the yard), and myself with a disability so I can’t do much. My house was bought in 2002 but was not quality built, so it’s going to $hit fast.

    I’m pretty sure you and I must have the same faulty, fake-marble sinks. We already had to replace the roof (for $10,000) because the shingles gave up the ghost after *five* years. Our flooring is a complete disaster, the windows leak, and the doors don’t hang right. Sleazy contractors have taken a lot of my money and didn’t fix a damn thing.

    I too have come to the conclusion that we shouldn’t be homeowners. There needs to be some sort of class about homeownership so you know what you’re getting into before you take the leap. Alas, here I am, just like you, and I’ll have to figure this out.

    PS The mirror above your table…what on earth was the builder thinking? I remember the 90’s well, and have no recollection of mirrored ceilings being a “thing ” at that time. 😀

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    • Wow you sound like you are in almost the same boat as me! Lol. If I was unable to mow I too would have to hire that out. If I think too much about this house I want to cry and go into deep depression. 😳. I forgot to mention we have a gas fire place that we discovered leaked shortly after moving in! So I’ve never gotten to use it. Ugh!

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      • Oh no, too bad about the fireplace!

        When our house was new (but the basement was unfinished), I hired contractors to put sheetrock over the wall studs down there. They sheet-rocked not only over the fireplace opening, but also over all the cable boxes and light outlets too. I had to hire another contractor to fix it so we could get to our light switches, but just left the fireplace opening sheet-rocked over because I couldn’t afford to have it fixed. So I too, never got to use the space meant for a fireplace. Blasted contractors!


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