#WednesdayWisdom #changesinlife

Today I’m making changes.

  1. No more game apps on my phone. This shouldn’t be too hard, but it is!  I don’t have a 9-5 job. I’m alone 75% of the time. No one is watching me. I just watched a program about adult adhd and the link between screen time and the disorder. I’m now a believer that I MUST cut down on my screen time. All those Candy Crush games (I had 3 installed 😳) were eating up more time in my day/night than I’m willing to admit here.
  2. I’m cutting out as much processed sugars as I can. This will be a slow and painful process that I’m scared to undertake. My biggest fear is failure due to not having the will to adequately research what I cannot eat or drink. As of this writing I am only an hour into it and have it in my mind I’m doomed to just drink water and eat, ummm…. Nothing.  I’m gonna die.
  3. I’m thinking now I want to go vegan and or vegetarian (yeah I have to go figure out what the difference is). Honestly I have never known anyone vegan that I’ve spent any amount of significant time with. Certainly not enough time to learn how to sustain my health in this manner. Please if there is anyone out there with ideas or recommend websites for vegan newbies, please speak up and HELP a hippie out.

So, where is the #wednesdaywisdom in this post and where are the Hippie Lady Ideas for you, the reader?  I’m wise enough (today) to know a lot of us need to make changes and I have come up with some ideas. Now, can we do it?  Yes. I believe we can if we help each other.  Give me some of your ideas and or just come here and read about my struggles and joys and give me some “atta girls”.

Until next time, peace and ❤️ to u,

Hippie Lady


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