In the past few years I’ve gotten rid of almost all my clothing. I have very few clothes left. My reason was to down size to a point that I could fit every piece of clothing I own into two small suitcases. I like to travel around a lot. I’m not a jet setter. I just like to move around within a thousand miles of my home bases.  There is a lot to see and do close to home. We ride (motorcycles) a lot and there isn’t a lot of room in those bags. Boho clothing styles are usually light weight and wrinkle resistant, not to mention very comfy. They are the perfect vacation clothing. If you are looking to lighten your wardrobe and get some cute traveling clothes ideas here are some good sites to get you started this morning. 

Adorable hairstyles on Stylish Wife

Cute boho outfit ideas on Stylish Wife
Barefoot sandals (I know, where would you wear them?! But they’re so cute I had to add them!)
Boho jewelry on Amazon Prime
Have fun today and peace to u until next time!

Hippie Lady


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