#Movie Review – #Crystal Fairy

img_1317Yeah that movie kind of sucked. Within ten minutes I was 😳 thinking “I have spent my life avoiding looking at poop and now I’ve paid .99 cents to see man poop swirling around in a fucking toilet”. This is during a party scene where the main character whose name escapes me right now meets Crystal Fairy. Crystal Fairy is a odd hippie chick that makes you wonder if she wasn’t transported right out of Woodstock via time machine.  Main character guy meets Crystal at the party and whilst drunk he invites her on a trip he and his Chilean friends are going to embark on the next day to find a hallucinogenic cactus (the movie is set in Chile yet the main guy and Crystal are American but as far as I recall they don’t really explain why or how they got there). The next day Crystal Fairy calls main character guy much to his surprise because he barely remembers her from the party were he got drunk, did coke, smoked weed and pooped. He is annoyed that Crystal Fairy is now taking him up on his invite to join the guys on their quest for the cacti. Under sober circumstances he finds her affinity for being nude all the time repulsive and dons her the nickname Crystal Hairy.  The other Chilean guys seem to like her oddness and encourage her to be herself and chastise the nerdy main character guy (notice I haven’t googled his name because really the guy was annoying and I apparently don’t like him enough to care what his name was). Anyway, they go on the quest, find the cacti in question and head to the beach. I’m not giving anything away by telling you this as it is apparent they find it from the movie posters and the trailers. The story ends better and no less weird than it starts. I wouldn’t say not to watch it but I’m not recommending it either as I don’t want to be to blame when your eyes are assaulted with poop, dogs humping, a very hairy hippie girl bush, and a small photo of a dominatrix doing her thing. If I had been told by any of you hippies to watch this and had not on my own volunteered to watch it, I would say you owe me. But I did that shit to myself so…

Peace to u on this Tuesday

Hippie Lady


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