Hippie Movies – Crystal Fairy

Crystal Fairy is another movie I must find to watch. I just found this review on it and it sounds like it may be a better movie than the last movie I highlighted on this blog, American Hippie in Israel. I enjoy movies with quirky hippy chicks and Crystal Fairy sounds like it may deliver. Be sure and check back with me tomorrow night and find out if I managed to find and watch these two hippie movies or if I just got wine drunk and found some other crazy movies to watch and review.  I live in the moment, my fellow hippies and I can’t promise you anything for sure except this: Movies will be watched tonight, my beloved Mogen David blackberry wine will be consumed and I will review a movie for you.  

Ok. It’s been a few minutes and I finally figured out this PS4 and how to look up a movie.  Crystal Fairy was on Amazon Prime and I just paid .99 cents for it. I hope it is worth it. American Hippie in Israel is no where to be found. I may have dodged a bullet because the online review made it sound like it sucked. I’ll be back later with my review of this one later. Peace out.

Hippie Lady


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