What is a hippie? Part 1

If you are here because you googled “hippie”, “hippy”, “what is a hippy” or any phrase like that WELCOME because somewhere in your heart you are a hippie. What is a hippie? Well it means different things to different people. To me it means that I live how I want without the fear of judgement. Some hippies are vegan and some are not. Some hippies look like business people on the outside and some look like they stepped out of the 1960’s. Some hippies are original and right out of the Woodstock era and some are young and hardly know what that even means. My advise and I don’t give advise often, is buy yourself a hippie “outfit”, something, anything that makes you feel “hippie”. I know that sounds idiotic but just try it. Wear it, whatever it is around the house or to the park. Play frisbee in your hippie clothes. It may just be a tie dye shirt or whatever, but do it. It’s not hard to free yourself from convention. Once you do this or if you already have a hippie “outfit” or if your whole wardrobe is hippie style clothing comment some pics here or email me at hippieladyideas@gmail.com and I will post them here. Let’s all get together and just be hippie.Peace to u,

Hippie Lady

Ps: here is one of my “hippie” shirts. ❤️✌🏻️img_0996-1

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