Hippie Lady Ideas

The Best Hippy Themed Twitter Pages

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  1. @HippieGifs is one of my favorites.  Lots of fun gifs and they tweet often.
  2. @HippieLadyIdeas is definitely my favorite new Twitter member. *wink*
  3. @TrippyRooms has great hippy themed room ideas.
  4. @10StepAP A Twitter guide to Astral Projection
  5. @TrippiestRooms if you didn’t get enough trippy rooms from #3 on this list.
  6. @EnlightndHippie lots of enlightenment phrases and quotes.

More to come keep checking back for more Twitter friends to follow…

But for now here are some pretty hippy dresses to look at!

Peace out my friends

Hippie Lady



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I feel comfortable leaving no trace or mark on the world larger than is humanly necessary.

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